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Our Thesis


Results, not reports: We opened our doors on the principle that clients should get results—not just reports—from their consultants. We broke the rules by developing customized strategies that helped clients beat their competition. We continue to work with ambitious clients who want to define the future, not hide from it.

Putting our money where our mouth is:

Our Thesis

Asia Vision 2050

At HK Economics, we believe that the next 30 years will hold tremendous promise for the Asia-Pacific region, just like it has over the last 30. In 2050 we forecast that an additional 3 billion citizens and residents of Asia will enjoy living standards similar to those in Europe today.

This potentially promising future for the region sometimes referred to as the ‘Asian Century’ though plausible, is by no means preordained. We offer a long-term perspective of the Asia region as a whole as opposed to the more common approach that delivers a short- to medium-term perspective of selected countries, subregions or issues.

How we do it

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Research Insights

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Real Estate

Our economists marry deep experience in financial and antitrust economics with extensive knowledge of the real estate and construction industries.


HK Economics has a long history of helping financial institutions navigate challenges posed by changing regulatory requirements.

Digital Currencies

The depth of expertise allows us to effectively collect and manage complex data sets and employ sophisticated analytical methods.