HK Economics – Hong Kong Economics – Asia's Leading Economic Consultancy

At HK Economics, we believe that the next 30 years will hold tremendous promise for the Asia-Pacific region, just like it has over the last 30. In 2050 we forecast that an additional 3 billion citizens and residents of Asia will enjoy living standards similar to those in Europe today.

Furthermore, we hold the view that Asia will account for over half of global economic output by 2050. Some have called the 21st century as the ‘Asian Century’ but we think this will be the century in which Asia further integrates with the global economic system, thereby raising the standard of living in the region.

The team at HK Economics provides our Fortune 500 executive clients with long-term perspectives of the Asia region, allowing them to be more effective in decision making. This increase advantage allows them to make better decisions that lead to more revenues and profits in the Asia-Pacific region.