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HK Economics has emerged itself in the Blockchain industry, by providing analysis and strategic economic opinion on its future. Our Asia-based network and relationships connect us to the world in fintech in strategic hubs such as Hong Kong. This connectivity gives our clients in the digital currency and blockchain sector extraordinary value when they commission independent analysis or research reports from our firm.

Blockchain — a distributed database that fosters trust and lowers transaction costs — has the potential to change how organizations operate. More important, we view it as a technology that will fundamentally change the way global economics works in the 21st century. In fact, we think blockchain and digital currencies has the potential to impact international relations and the model of multi-lateral organizations.

By removing economic intermediaries, automating processes, and creating trust and transparency when it comes to shared data, blockchain unlocks real economic value. Capturing that value requires business model innovation, operational efficiency, risk management, and social impact.