HK Economics – Hong Kong Economics – Asia's Leading Economic Consultancy

HK Economics combines proprietary market research with unmatched access to technology sector C-suite leaders to provide hedge funds and private equity funds with leading opinions on the future of tech. Our perspectives are based observations in one of the most important tech geographies in the world: Asia.

We strongly believe that Hong Kong provides the most unique perch in the world to witness and analyze tech public policy in China. and the West. We also believe that technology affect monetary policy. Cloud Computing provides the infrastructure foundation for cryptocurrency and Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) to thrive in the 21st century ecosystem. Therefore, we analyze the economics of it.

Cloud infrastructure investments require thoughtful economic projections, because there can be literally billions of dollars on-the-line. Tax policy, investment incentives, and operating costs are all elements that should be considered by a qualified economic consultancy.  HK Economics has a clear vision of where the cloud is going over the next five years and all associated enabling technologies.

What will demand look like as late adopters come off the sidelines, and how are their needs different from current cloud users? Our professional network of CIOs, CTOs, VC and PE investors, combined with a number of invaluable technology partnerships, gives HK Economics unique regional visibility in APAC.