HK Economics – Hong Kong Economics – Asia's Leading Economic Consultancy

Hong Kong is the home for leading fintech companies and Hong Kong is the home of HK Economics. We assist tech startups and large financial institutions navigate challenges posed by regulatory requirements, complex financial instruments, and uncertain market conditions. We advise executives working on fintech strategies, to provide leading edge thought and strategies.

Our analysts offer a wealth of knowledge and experience, including economists with experience at the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the U.S. Federal Reserve System, and the Securities and Exchange Commission; former advisers to exchanges, the CFTC, IMF, and IOSCO; as well as senior practitioners and managers from leading financial services firms. Our engagements have involved a variety of financial institution types, including:

  • Blockchain and digital currency tech startups
  • REITs, Hedge Funds, and Specialty Purpose Financing Vehicles
  • Broker-Dealers, Specialist and Derivative Product, and Trading Firms
  • Insurance and Re-Insurance Companies
  • Asset Managers and Alternative Investment Managers
  • Trustees and Custodians
  • Securities and Derivatives Exchanges, Clearinghouses, and Settlement Agents
  • Consumer and Commercial Finance Companies

HK Economics also has extensive experience analyzing financial instruments, including debt and equity securities, foreign exchange products, derivatives, structured finance, and over-the-counter (“OTC”) products. Our experience includes working knowledge o the following products and practices:

  • Futures, forwards, options, and swaps
  • Exotic and compound options
  • Collateralized debt obligations (“CDOs”), synthetics, and structured notes
  • Asset-backed securities (“ABS”)
  • Special purpose entities/vehicles (“SPEs”, “SPVs”)
  • Asset-backed commercial paper programs and structured investment vehicles (“SIVs”)
  • Auction rate securities (“ARS”) and contingent liquidity instruments
  • Structured Credit, Correlation, and Relative-Value Trading Practices