HK Economics – Hong Kong Economics – Asia's Leading Economic Consultancy

HK Economics believes that all governments in the 21st century will be under severe pressure to deliver more for their citizens. Technology, demographics, and international mobility will transform the dynamics of government demands. Our firm helps governments reinvent how they about the power of economics,  so they can meet—and surpass—the expectations. We truly believe technology savvy economic forecasting, infused with a return to understanding humanity, can solve great problems in the future. 

The Asia-Pacific region holds tremendous promise and it is important for senior-level government officials to have an advisory firms that stands by them. HK Economics advises some of the most important thought-leaders in government, providing additional views and opinions that government agencies find useful. The public sector will be a key focus of our client offering in Asia, and globally.

Defining a bold vision for positive change in government operations is an area where HK economics thrives: we don’t believe in just change, we believe in transformation. From China, to ASEAN, our firm stands ready to confidentially advise government leaders and civil servants on their most pressing problems. We believe transformation involves becoming more digital, agile, and responsive to the public in budget sense ways.