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Hotels & Tourism

Leading companies in the tourism sector come to HK Economics to help them analyze the value of hotels and other tourism assets such as integrated resorts. Appraisals of existing properties, proposed projects, and long-term revenue projections in Asia are key to the HK Economics value proposition.

HK Economics is respected by lenders and commercial financing companies in Asia because they know that our team is highly capable and that we give unbiased perspectives. Accounting firms, law firms, and leading private equity firms in Asia come to use for sound views that are respected in institutional communities.

Changing markets and variances in neighborhood and real estate values can cause fluctuations in how a hotel is appraised. HK Economics provides valuations and appraisals based on methodologies that have set industry standards. We are not generalists that may only perform a few hotel appraisals a year, we know this sector in Asia well.

Our firm has also developed a network of licensed hotel and real estate appraisers where local regulations require local licensed appraisers for such engagements.