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From our Milan-based Fashion/Luxury Center of Excellence to our global network of 50 industry specialists to our experience working with virtually every major company in every sub-sector of the Fashion, Luxury and Lifestyle industries, Bain brings you the industry knowledge, proprietary tools and proven record of success you need to achieve your full ambition.

Our keen understanding of the Fashion/Luxury value chain ensures that we tailor a strategy that meets your exact needs, today and into the future. Our expertise spans the full range of challenges facing Luxury and Fashion companies today, and can support you in:

  • Reaching your full potential using our Radar 360 Strategy, a unique approach that can propel digital transformation
  • Enhancing your Marketing excellence, go-to-market strategy and customer insight and loyalty programs
  • Improving your Brand assessment and repositioning, benchmarking and portfolio optimization
  • Pursuing Digital acceleration, omnichannel strategy and organizational redesign
  • Rethinking how work gets done by employing Agile,Business Process Redesign, and the Bain Micro-battles System℠
  • Deploying Cost management programs, zero-based budgeting, supply chain reinvention, digital lean manufacturing and all related facets of operational efficiency
  • Excelling at Corporate M&A including due diligence, post-merger integration and more
  • And, of course, our work in Fashion and Luxury is informed by the broad expertise we have developed over many years as a leader in Retail strategy and operations.